Champions at the worlds first zero carbon, clean emission e-grand prix

Agnimotors wins the TTXGP Carbon Free Race June 2009
AgniMotors History in the making at the TTXGP Isle of Man June 2009


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The Agni Motor gives up to 93% efficiency, and it maintains high efficiency over a wide range of loads and speeds. It runs on D.C. up to 60 volts at which it can produce 9 Kilowatts (12 horsepower).

The low shaft speed and high torque enable the use of a simple, cheap and efficient transmission in most applications.

The Agni motor enables you to get the best possible performance from your battery-powered or solar-powered vehicles, boats or machinery.

Click here to find a technical drawing with dimensions and specifications of our motor.

Please study the graphs showing performance on a range of voltages.

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